Or Something. The Calm Fiasco

There are not many blogs speaking of this band, but believe us, The Calm Fiasco is a new band really awesome.

The vocalist’s voice has been compared with the voice of the James Allan, vocalist of Glasvegas, but this is not true. The Calm Fiasco has his own sound. Maybe I can recall an old group with a similar sound: Brakes. 

Anyway, in this first EP, you can hear songs like “Fly”, “Glow” and our favorite, “Turquoise”, which are pretty good. 

This is our evaluation to this EP
Originality: 10
Use of instruments: 10
Coherence between the songs in the album: 10
Coherence between the sound of the instruments: 10

There are few videos in Internet of the performances of The Calm Fiasco, but you can see them playing our favorite “Turquoise” here: 


Also you can listen “Turquoise” on Spotify in this link: