Ideas to evaluate music

Today, we have decided to publish the principles ideas that we’ll use to evaluate the albums that will talk about… But why we will use this ideas?? Maybe you are thinking “The music is always music and the best way to evaluate is like or dislike” or thinking “several music magazines don’t use criteria to evaluate music, only they put a calification and that’s all”.

We think that need this criteria to standardize the ideas about we talk about and could serve to other people to identify new aspects in the music that they are listening. Also, this is a blog about music that we love and also we love your collaboration to progress… Tell us if this criteria are helpful for you!! Tell us what you think about them!!

These will be the criteria in scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high):

– originality
– use of instruments
– lyrics
– coherence between the songs in the album
– coherence between the sound of the instruments

Finally, this blog is for you!! We love music, and like share with you our love for the music and it will be helpful if you tell us about music that you have discover!! Share with us your love for the alternative music!!!

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