I Need Your Light. Ra Ra Riot

Need your light. Ra Ra Riot 

The return of Ra Ra Riot, after Beta Love is really refreshing. There are excellent songs as “Call me Out”, “Instant breakup”, “Bad times” and “I need your light” which gives name to the album. By the other hand there are calm songs as “Absolutely” that gave to the album the equilibrium. 
 Between the past album there are an evolution in the use of the instruments as the violin which has an important participation in all the songs, mostly in “I need your light”. Maybe the most characteristic sound of Ra Ra Riot its in the start “Bad Times”, with the riffs of the guitar mixes with the drums and the bass. 
Fresh as always, mature but without lose their essence, Ra Ra Riot still discovering new ways to surprise us.  
Our evaluation is: 
– originality: 10 
 – use of instruments: 10, mostly the mix between guitars and violin 
 – lyrics: 10 
 – coherence between the songs in the album: 9 
 – coherence between the sound of the instruments: 10 
Also, you can see “I need your light” live performance in this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MziS0t3fLMI&sns=em 
 Finally, you can listen our favorite “Call me Out” on Spotify in this link: https://open.spotify.com/track/40krqO1GCoqBDKh4MKXWTh