Unbloomed. Johnny Aries

Maybe one of the best albums in the last years, Johnny Aries is better known as a member in the tour of The Drums and as a frontman of the retro band Two Wounded Birds.

Unbloomed, his first album, has the sound of The Smiths and also of The Drums. The single is “This grave is my bed tonight” has great influence of both groups, while “Ambulette” is really similar to several The Smiths songs, with riffs similar to the Johnny Marr’s riffs. Even, in the release of the album, Andy Rourke, one of the original members of The Smiths, joined to Johnny Aries to play “This Grave is my Bed Tonight”. 

The sound along the album is nostalgic, emotive and retro. There are interesting songs as “To be desired”, “I’m a dreamer”, “You belong to me” and “Great expectations”. 

This album is only available in electronic download or in cassette, but there are rumors that this year could be a Vynil version of Unbloomed. Also, Johnny Aries said that he is working on the second album. 

You can listen our favorites, in this links:

Finally, there are not a lot of videos of the live versions of this songs, but you can hear this session in YouTube: 


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