The Patience. The Patience

The Patience EP
Roxanne Clifford, vocalist of Veronica Falls, became famous for her languid voice and nostalgic lyrics. Also, she became the image of one Franz Ferdinand EP.
I say this cause the image that she represents is a nostalgic, melancholic person and retro. In this solo project called The Patience, she explores the use of the synths and still uses the retro sound of the guitars. 
Maybe the only bad thing about this EP it’s that only has 2 songs and one stay wanting some more. 
We expect to listen more of Roxanne Clifford, collaborating with other groups (as she does with Franz Ferdinand), continue working with Veronica Falls (the last album was more solid) and finally keep working in this search of her own voice. 
Our evaluation is:
– originality: 10
– use of instruments: 10, mostly the synths
– lyrics: 10
– coherence between the songs in the album: 10
– coherence between the sound of the instruments: 10
You can see her first video in this link:


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