Boys. Crocodiles

Boys. Crocodiles Mexico City is a city where everything could happen. And everything includes the apparition of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, the core members of the Crocodiles to record the fifth album. After been produced by Sune Rose Wagner in Crimes of Passion, one album where sometimes make you feel the guitar riffs of […]

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Kindred. Passion Pit

Kindred. Passion Pit After Michael Angelakos disclosure several health problems and after of the successful second album, come this third Passion Pit album. Passion Pit, as always, delivers in this album great songs as “My Brother Taught Me How To Swim”, which are an extraordinary use of the synths mixed with the always fresh Angelakos […]

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Makthaverskan I and II. Makthaverskan

Makthaverskan I and II. Makthaverskan This both albums are excellent, and there are a musical line between both. That’s why we decided speak about both in this single article.  They have been classify as Post-punk group, but other publications classify them as dream pop or indie pop. Also, the meaning of Makthaverskan it’s unclear in […]

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Policy. Will Butler

Policy. Will Butler In this first album solo, Will Butler is really far from the sound of Arcade Fire. As he said in an interview to Pitchfork, he intended to reflect his omnivorous musical taste, and in this album he get what he wants. In other words, we can say this album is a exploration […]

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Kimono. MNDR

Kimono. MNDR It’s not common write about only a single, but in this case, we’ll do an exemption, cause this song deserve it.  Amanda Warner, aka MNDR, gives us this first single of her second album. Representative of the synthpop, MNDR is famous for their successful song “Feed me diamonds”, part of their only album […]

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Lescop. Lescop

Lescop. Lescop This French group has many years playing, and finally they released their first album, including some of the songs of their EP. Unfortunately, one of our favorite songs in one of the EP, “Marlene”, is not part of this first album. Seems that something interesting is happen in France, cause recently there are […]

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Gig or playback?

Recently, a lot of groups and artist use electronic devises to play their songs. This, including pre-recorded sounds, voices, instruments, and so on… When they playing live, they are really playing live?? Or we can consider this is only a playback. Make sense go to see play “live” to this artists??  In Las Vegas there […]

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